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Buy Otiom

We have tried to make the price as simple as possible. Our prices are transparent and understandable. We recommend you, quietly, to familiarize yourself with how Otiom can create security for you and which package that best suits your needs. It should be straightforward and transparent.
If you have any questions, are we ready to help you on chat, Facebook, mail or phone. Always with a smile.


  • 1 Otiom starter kit
    + Safety guarantee*
  • Free data
  • Free Otiom updates
  • No down payment and no minimum contract period
  • Free replacement of Otiom


  • 1 Otiom starter kit
    + 1 year Safety guarantee*
  • Free data the first year
  • First year update of Otiom
  • Buy 25 €/year for data after the first year 

  • ---

*1 Otiom starter kit contains an Otiom, a wireless charger, an Otiom-base and access to the Otiom-app. You can always purchase extra parts and add them to your current solution. Safety guarantee includes that we make sure your Otiom always works correctly.
Call us +45 36 96 10 10 If you need any help.

Shipping and handling are included in the prices. We provide 3 years of guarantee, so that you can always feel secure with an Otiom. Since we care about the environment and recycling of different parts that Otiom is made from, Otiom needs to be returned to us after use.

Fordele ved Otiom

Fast and precise

Ensures a quick and accurate location down to 1 m
both inside and out, in basements and on floor levels.

Secure units

The battery can always handle an alarm situation,
and can withstand machine washing up to 60 degrees.

Read more about Otiom here
User friendly and intuitive

From the app you set the Otiom as needed.
The app requires few and simple workflows.

Together we help create
freedom and security